How To

Washing Your Sling: 

  • Unthread sling before washing
  • Hand or machine wash
  • Gentle cycle with cold water
  • Hang or lay flat to dry
  • Steam iron if needed



Threading Your Sling: 


1) Place rings over preferred shoulder in corsage position.  Bring fabric across back ensuring it lays flat and untwisted.



2) Gather tail of fabric, bring it up across the front of your body and feed it through both rings.  Split rings and feed tail back down through bottom ring.


3) Pull fabric through making sure tail is spread evenly through the rings to make for easy adjusting. 



4) Tighten or loosen fabric by pulling on either sides of tail as necessary to form small pouch for baby. 




Tummy to Tummy Carry: 

1) With sling comfortably in place on preferred shoulder, place baby high up on free shoulder.  Slowly lower baby into sling and guide legs and bum into pouch. Baby will naturally pull their legs up into a froggy position (think of an 'M' shape) allowing for the knees to be up higher than their bum and in line with their belly button. 



2) While supporting baby, gently pull legs out of bottom of pouch and pull fabric up between baby's bum and back of knees. 



3) Pull top of pouch up to the nape of your baby's neck.  Tighten the top and bottom pouch by pulling on either sides of the tail end of fabric, until baby is snug and secure against your body. 


**If you are putting a newborn or a baby still comfortable with keeping their legs inside, simply just tighten the bottom of the pouch without pulling their legs out. Just make sure that their bum is sitting lower than their knees (froggy position).



Hip Carry:

1) Place baby high up on shoulder then lower into sling towards the side of your body.  Guide baby's legs and bum to a seated position on your hip.



2) Gently pull legs though bottom of sling so that baby is straddling your hip.  Pull fabric up between baby's bum and back of knees to form a deep pouch. 



3) Tighten fabric by pulling either sides of tail end until baby is securely snug to your hip. 



***ALWAYS make sure your baby's face is visible with their chin up and their nose and mouth free.